Danielle Georgiou

Like Nell said in Samuel Beckett’s celebrated play, Endgame, “Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.”

Utilizing both video and live performance, two aspects paramount to pop culture and that have had a hand in creating a certain image of “woman in contemporary society” (sex sells), I am attempting to deconstruct/reconstruct those concepts through a simple lens—natural light, no glitz, no glamour—and my body, with a desire to create and capture an experience that explores the performative notions of femininity, sexuality, identity, and the musical world we exist in.

Referencing the philosophical concepts of Existentialism, Absurdist theatre, and utilizing fundamental techniques in film-making and contemporary dance-staging, my work places “woman” in a highly sexualized environment that is juxtaposed with recognizable and comfortable images and situations. But I want to remove that fourth wall and claim what’s behind it: Pop has framed women as something fabulous, but wash away the make-up and take way the fashion, and what’s left is something isolated and depressed; but always funny.

Link to “Love Crime:” http://vimeo.com/19840178

Link to “La Route:” http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi2425265177/


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