Excellent Show Folks!

I’ve been to many shows over the past few weeks and the Texas Hot Chilly show at 500X might be one my favorites. I do not have any images and have lost my gallery sheet with my notes. Let’s just say this is a non-post encouraging you to go see a show. The whole show is, more or less, great and very well curated. My favorite pieces are these intricate wood sculptures; one, in the center of the main floor, consists of a wooden foot form (mannequin?) with many slivers of wood stacked neatly inside (think Jenga for the intricate, meddling type). The accompanying artists work is upstairs and is equally as riveting. I’ll tell you what. I’ll try to sneak down there to get some proper information and photos, meanwhile just take my word for it. And while you’re there run over to the state fair and grab a funnel cake. You’ll be glad you did (on both accounts).

Sandi Edgar


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