Confirm and Deny 10.21.11

Last night’s show was sensational. It was a group show entitled: “Confirm and or Deny” curated by John Pomara and Greg Metz; showcasing the latest releases from 14+1 and the newly launched literary magazine ‘Reunion’ from the University of Texas at Dallas’ Arts and Humanities Department.
Danielle Georgiou did a fantastic performance piece entitled, ‘Philosophy of Women’ with a troop of interactive dancers and original costumes and choreography and video and sound.
Paul L. Snelson, II did an untitled series based on Apollinaire’s Calligrammes that were installed on the floor with a pink thread screwed and tied to the wall representing the line between art and literature.
Andy Amato did a huge painting and sculpture installation entitled ‘Hunter-Gatherer’.
Willie Baronet did a series of email Spam Based works including video, sound and juicy printed piece entitled ‘Hot German Wife Uses Ear of Corn as Dildo’.
Emily Loving did a series of provocative group of Polaroids coupled with an ephemeral installation of the yellow pages entitled ‘Neighborhood #3’ & ‘Neighborhood #7’.
Robin Myrick did a photo video two dimensional piece entitled ‘You Are Anecdotal’ and another one called ‘Love Me Forever’ that was baffling and intriguing.
Frank Tingali installed a great piece entitled ‘Mammon’ that included Construction Fencing and Latex Paint.
Val Curry did an untitled Mixed Media piece.
Hilary Holsonback displayed ‘Shade #52’ a photograph on fabric that was mystic and stunningly beautiful.